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Orchid Series / #OS104W Ghost Orchid

Polyrrhiza lindenii (Lindl.) Cogn., 1910 Orchidaceae FL USA/ Cuba [Dendrophylax lindenii]
With Pollinator
Cocytius antaeus Drury, 1773 Sphingidae New World Tropics

Within the everglade ecosystem, a forest of predominately pond-apple, ash and cypress trees interact with bromeliads, moss, and fungi, to create a habitat for an orchid and a moth. Timed to the rainy season and increasing water level, the bloom stalk of the ghost orchid rises from its leafless hibernation on a non-specific host tree to exist exclusively in southern Florida and Cuba.

Original watercolor image 12" x 17” 260lb HP
Contact for availability of original or reproduction.

2002 Debra Jane Carey,


Orchid Series / #OS104W Ghost Orchid


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