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Insect Series / #AS149W Miami Blue Butterfly

Cyclargus thomasi bethumebakeri
Comstock & Huntington, 1943 Lycaenidae North America
Nicker bean (larval host) Caesalpinia bonduc (L.) Roxb., 1832 Caesalpiniaceae
Spanish needle (nectar plant) Bidens pilosa Linnaeus, 1753 Asteraceae

The Miami blue butterfly is an endangered species located only in coastal to hardwood hammocks of Florida. Adult females lay eggs singly on the nicker bean shrub introduced from Southeast Asia. Important to disturbed habitats, Miami blue butterflies deposit nectar on many weedy plants like Spanish needle native to South America.

Original Watercolor image 10” x 12” 260lb HP
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2008 Debra Jane Carey,


Insect Series / #AS149W Miami Blue Butterfly


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