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Insect Series / #AS168C Coontie with larval caterpillars

Zamia pumila Linnaeus, 1659 Zamiaceae Florida
Pollinator beetle
With caterpillars
Echo Moth—Seirarctia echo J.E. Smith, 1797 Arctiidae
Atala Butterfly—Eumaeus atala Poey, 1832 Lycaenidae

Coonties are non-flowering seed plants called cycads which appear in the fossil record of the Pennsylvanian period of China dating 136 million years ago.
Pollination is enabled through primitive floral parts which attract plant feeders in a mutually beneficial situation. The earliest cycad plants reproduced using a water droplet pollination process, and it was originally thought that modern cycad plants were wind-pollinated. Rising plant cone temperatures triggers the emergence of pupating beetles

Original color pencil image 10” x 13” on Vellum
Contact for availability of original or reproduction.

2010 Debra Jane Carey,


Insect Series / #AS168C Coontie with larval caterpillars


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