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Insect Series / #AS164W Black Mangrove Tree

Avicennia germinans
Linnaeus, 1764 Verbenaceae Pantropical
Pollinator bee
With Butterfly Caterpillar
Common Buckeye Butterfly Junonia coenia HŁebner, 1822 Nymphalidae North America & Mexico

Black mangrove trees can be found in coastal areas where tide waters fluctuate and are an important intertidal species throughout tropical and subtropical habitats. Common buckeye butterflies mass migrate between Mexico and Canada. Larvae feed on the leaves of mangrove plants and adults feed on native and non-native plants for nectar.

Original watercolor Image 7” x 9” 260lb HP
Contact for availability of original or reproduction.

©2009 Debra Jane Carey,


Insect Series AS164W Black Mangrove


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